Charity Challenge (& a New Giveaway!)

This week’s Charity Challenge is one that will likely shock you, make you hold your breath and be thankful and sad all at the same time.

Rather than seeing how far you can make $5 go, we are challenging you to save enough this week to donate to a young family who’s lives have been turned inside out!

As I was reading about the Deckers unbelievable story I literally felt like my world was spinning. I had to stop reading for a few minutes just to regain my sense of stability.

There is an enormous amount of information to weed through at their family blog (Scott and Carol Decker) but I encourage you to read the “Synopsis” and a few other random posts over the 4 months of their lives chronicled there. You can also view two news pieces here.

If you have $5 (or even $1) to spare this week I would like to ask that you donate it to the Decker family (or here via paypal and here via silent auction). Then enter the two giveaways (see details below)!

UPDATE: I was so happy to see that one of our fellow bloggers has picked up the torch and started challenge of her own and a giveaway in honor of the Decker Family. Seesawstar @ My Precious Pennies will give you one entry in her giveaway for every dollar you donate.

We are going to join her in this challenge (We will give you coupon inserts each Sunday now through Christmas!)

  • You get one entry for each $ donated! (forward us the paypal receipt or a copy of the transfer receipt from your bank)
  • You get 10 entries for a blog post (or e-mail to your friends and family) about this family with a link back to their site
  • The contest ends 9/27 (midnight)
  • The winner will be chosen 9/28

Please consider donating money or prayer (or both) to this family!

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