Educators Wanted-FAQ

I have had a ton of questions this week about the new Educator Program. I had a little one get sick last night and we ended up at Urgent Care, but I am trying to answer all my emails and sign everyone up as fast as I can! I thought it might help to list out some of the answers to the questions I have received.

What does it cost to be an Educator:

You have a sign up price of $39 and that is it!  You can teach as many workshop as you like and you get to keep ALL the profits.

How many workshops do I have to teach:

You set your schedule and do as much or as little as you can!

How much are the workshops:

This is your business and you can decide the price! Most people charge around $10-$25 for workshops, but you can decide. You can run specials or use coupon to help grow your business.

Can I sell anything at the workshops:

Yes! We have found the Couponizer to be very popular. As an Educator you can order the Couponizer at wholesale prices to sell at your workshops.

What do I get with the sign up fee:

You get access to our online training site, researched information, presentation information, resources, help and access to supplies.

Do I get to use the Becentsable name:

Yes, you can advertise that you are teaching a Becentsable workshop. You can also advertise that the workshops have been featured on Good Morning America, The Early Show and Inside Edition (see a full list HERE).

Does Becentsable help set up workshop:

No! We provide all the information to use at your workshop, ideas to grow your business and resources but we do not help set up workshops. We do get workshop requests from readers and will pass them on to the Educator in the area.

How can I find out more about the workshops:

You can take an online workshop to see what our workshops are like, what you learn and see if you would like to teach them. You can also read some reviews HERE.

Do I have to be a coupon expert to teach workshops:

No! We teach you everything you need to learn in the workshops. It will take you longer since you will be learning how to do the strategies and how to teach the workshops.

How long does it take to get access once I sign up:

Once you sign up to become an Educator it takes about 2 business days to get you set up. You will receive instructions and a password by email.

If you’re ready to apply, click HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: Once you enroll, there are no refundable fees due to the information you have gained from the company.


  1. Cathy Hargrove says


    Once you sign up as an educator. Would this be something you could teach in person or online?

    Thank You,
    Cathy Hargrove

  2. Tenny says

    I have a few questions I didn’t see answered. If you could…
    1 Does the training discuss a strategy to find people who may be interested in a workshop?
    2 Is there any explaination about blogging in the training?
    3 Do you discuss all types of savings? ie grocery, drug store, online savings, etc
    4 Do you discuss how to search these savings out?
    5 Will you give continuing support or once the training is complete that is it.
    6 Do you have an idea of how many educators there are in a given area?
    7 I understand you are able to use the Becentsable name, but do you have to affiliate yourself with Becentsable at workshops?

  3. says

    1. Yes
    2. No, we don’t cover anything about blogging
    3. Yes, we cover all kinds of ways to save (coupons, store incentives, stockpiling etc)
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. You will have to email with your location and I can give you an idea (
    7. You are an independent contractor so you can use the Becentsable name for the workshop but you do not represent or work for Becentsable

    Hope that helps!

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