Jello Boats

Jello boats are inexpensive to make and fun to eat. They are a big hit with the kids and adults!


  • Oranges, cut in half and flesh scooped out
  • Jello, prepared according to package directions but not refrigerated

Tip: cut the oranges in half through the top where the stem is and around through the bottom of the orange. If you cut them the other way, the flesh is harder to scoop out and the jello leaks through the tiny hole at the bottom of the orange.


Pour prepared liquid jello into each orange half and refrigerate. One package of jello fills about eight orange halves. We set the orange halves in muffin tins to keep them upright as the jello set.

When the jello is set, slice each orange half into half again. Trim any excess orange skin. Enjoy!

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  1. says

    I made these before but for some reason I never thought to first put the jello in half an orange. I very messily tried to pour my jello into the quarter sections of the oranges. Needless to say, I had some very sloppy jello boats, but they were still a hit. I'm excited to try it your way now, and hopefully with much neater results.

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