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Easy Halloween Game Ideas For Kids

Here are some easy halloween game ideas for kids! Play Pumpkin Ping Pong, Doughnuts on a String, Halloween Bowling and more.

Easy Halloween Game Ideas For Kids

Easy Halloween Game Ideas for Kids:

Pumpkin Ping Pong:

  • My kids love this game! All you need is ping pong balls and a plastic pumpkin. Decorate the ping pong balls with markers to look like eyeballs. To play just bounce the balls into the pumpkin. This halloween game cost under $3.

Doughnuts on a String:

  • Tie a rope between two trees or across the room. With kids standing under the rope, tie pieces of ribbon to the doughnuts (one per player) and then to the rope so the treats hang slightly above mouth level. Instruct each kid to eat an entire doughnut without their hands (without letting it fall off the ribbon).

The Mummy Wrap:

  • Which team can wrap their mummy fastest with toilet paper. We play this every year!

Halloween Bowling:

  • Decorate 2 liter bottles and try to knock them down with a small ball. You can weigh the bottles down with some sand to make it a little more challenging.

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