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Over 10,000 people have taken a Becentsable Workshop! Becentsable workshops have been featured on Good Morning America, The Early Show, Inside Edition and more! These workshops are so popular that Becentsable has trained other people to teach these money saving workshops. Becentsable has trained over 500 Educators in 35 different states! Becentsable workshops are taught online and in living rooms all over America.

Online Workshops:

Once you have signed up for your workshop it takes 1-2 business day to get access. You will receive instructions by email. Register for Online Workshops here.

::Fundamentals of Couponing $7.00-Learn how to save with coupons. We teach you where to find coupons, how to use coupons, and tons of coupon strategies to help you save big money!

::Fundamentals of Store Incentives $7.00 -Learn how to take advantage of store incentives. We teach you how to shop at your local grocery store, WalMart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid!

::Fundamentals Of Planning $7.00-Learn why a stockpile will save you hundreds of dollars and how to properly start and maintain one!

::Centsable Travel: Learn how to have a five star vacation on a two star budget!

::Advanced Grocery Savings $7.00-Once you have mastered all the fundamentals take our advanced class to learn how to save even more!

::Centsably Green $7.00-Learn how to go green on a budget. Learn how to save money while having a healthier home and planet!


Educators Wanted:

Do you want to make extra money and help people save money? Learn more about our Educator Program HERE!

Read Reviews from Past Workshop Attendees!

“I have a family of 3, one hungry Husband, a picky 2 year old daughter, 2 large dogs, and a kitten. I am a stay at home mom, and my husband works. We could only afford to buy store brand items, no matter if it was a shampoo or a box of cookies. I got tired of not being able to get the brand name on certain items!! I decided when I heard about the workshop at BeCentsable to take it and see how much I could learn. I have learned so much information, such as how to get free things at the stores, and how to stockpile, and use coupons properly! This workshop was such a benefit, I would recommend anyone who needs to save money or learn how to properly use the coupons to the best benefit to take it! I saved over $50 in my first trip to CVS alone! We have been able to cut our budget, AND be able to buy brand name on certain things now! Thanks so much Chrissy, and Kristin, I owe it to yall!”


“I have just finished taking this WONDERFUL course. Chrissy and Kristin are great teachers. If you have ANY questions, just email them and they will respond within a timely manner. They are here to help you to learn how to cut your budget, how to use coupons the correct way and to build a stockpile of items that you use on a regular basis. I had no idea there was a “skill” to using coupons. These ladies had a section that talked about shopping at stores like CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Costco, Sams, just to name a few.It took me approximately 3 weeks to finish the course. I just logged in when I had time and completed the lessons. They also have it set up where you can read other peoples comments. I found this helpful as well. I could see what other people were doing and what was working for them. I HIGHLY recommend that you take this course. I have already begun using several of the techniques that I learned from this course and am already saving money! It’s THAT EASY!!! It is a wise investment of your money and time.”


“I am a normal busy mom of two, going in every directions like everyone else. I work part-time as a safety consultant for 4 years, and will go back full-time in 2 ½ years (but I will still shop this way in 2 ½ years). So, I’m always watching the budget, buying what is on sale, and deciding do I really need that. Then two moms from our moms group invited me to there workshop, I asked a few questions and said sign me up, I want to know more! I learned how to save so much in those few hours. I went home did my planning for the week, and saved about $80 my first week, then the next week, my husband was with me at CVS and watched me walk away with a grocery cart full of shampoo, toiletpaper, papertowels, etc, completely full, you could not get another item in the cart, and I spend $4.00 (and it’s all name brands) and got back $15.00 to use within a month. I love my new way of shopping, because I have saved so much money for my family, and it really only takes me about 45 minutes to plan, but doesn’t take me very long to shop because I know what I want and I’m out of there. I have cut our grocery bill to half!!!! And, hopefully more in the next month or two.”


“I attended a BeCentsable workshop several weeks ago. It was incredibly informative and useful. In the first week of implementing the strategies, I was able to make back the money I spent on the workshop. Since then, I’ve estimated I’ve saved $100-125. In one trip alone, I purchased $75 worth of name brand items my family uses every week and I only paid $20. I feel empowered and excited to be doing something beneficial for our family.”