Getting Started Guide-Saving Money with Coupons

101 Guides:

Printable Coupons 101

Cellfire 101

Upromise 101

Understanding Coupon Acronyms 101

Virtual Filing System 101


Coupon Database

Coupon Resources

The Couponizer

Save Big with Groupon

Entertainment Book

Learn More:

Take a Becentsable Workshop

Action Plan:

1. Start collecting coupons:

*Sign up for Cellfire
*Sing up for UPromise
*Sign up for Groupon emails
*Sign up with Facebook to get coupons
*Make sure you have an Entertainment book.

2. Go online and print off a few coupons to practice.

3. Get organized. Find an organizer that will help you keep everything in place.

4. Keep tabs on all the hottest coupons by subscribing to our daily newsletter so you get updates direct to your inbox or follow us on Facebook!

5. If you want to learn more make sure to take our Fundamentals of Couponing Workshop.


  1. Lorie Kurtz says

    I read your book Be CentsAble, and I can not wait to put the suggestions to practice. I am excited about the many ways I can trim my families budget. Thanks for putting this wonderful information in a great book and sharing with the rest of us.

  2. says

    when I try to get into groupon and others i get stuck on the part where it ask for cell phone number i dont have a cell phone how do i get past this iam lost. thank you for any help you can give me iam not very good with the computor stuff yet

  3. Jacqueline says

    What is the actual name of your book? How much, and is there somewhere on this site that tells me more about what’s in it ma’am? Im new to all this =) Tyou.

  4. Gayle Sokolsky says

    I have downloaded the coupon printer thing several times, but my computer will not recognize it to register it.

    Where can I find coupons to print that do not require being downloaded first?


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