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Save Money on Groceries:

Easy Recipes:

Easy Recipe: Italian Chicken Recipe

Easy Recipe: Italian Chicken Recipe: I have a new easy recipe for you to try! This chicken recipe is quick, easy and delicious.

Italian Sugar Cookies Recipe: Together with my mom, sister and four little girls we made over twelve dozen Italian Sugar Cookies! This recipe was very simple and easy for the kids to help with.

Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast Recipes: I made Baked Potato Soup but adapted and figured out other meals to make out of the scraps and created some new Breakfast Recipes.

Ricotta And Pasta Casserole: I made this Ricotta and Pasta Casserole the other night and as you can see by the empty dish it was a big hit in my house! This cost me around $4 to make. I stockpile my mozzarella, ricotta and pasta when it goes on sale.

Make your own microwavable rice

How to make your own microwavable rice: I used about $0.60 worth of uncooked rice to make $4.00 worth of microwavable rice.